Best game/All around card under $50?

I'm thinking this is a pretty good deal but you guys/gals are much smarter then I am. What do you think?

Thanks again for your awesome help!

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  1. invisik loses the game, that card is over 50, lol.
  2. Not after rebate!!!
  3. Have to check that in the rule book :P
  4. At any rate, the 9600GSO is far far better than the 4550, and a good bit better than the 4650.
  5. invisik said:

    That is a sweet deal. Basically buy the game, get the GPU free AR.
  6. I had an 8800gs, which is essentially the same as the 9600gso, and it was a wonderful card. The beauty is in its overclock potential. Overclocked, it was maybe 10-15% slower than the 8800gt, which for $50 is a steal.
  7. Hey, Thanks so much guys.. I very much appreciate it.. Nice work!
  8. the 9600gso is a killer steal @ 35 dollars after rebate.

    If I could build a bunch of junker pc's with this card for fun I would...but I just bought a new fs mtb :(
  9. Glad we could help.
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