Problem with X-fi Xtreme Audio

Ok, so here's my situation:

Ive got an x-fi xtreme audio (PCI, the crappiest version) with a home theater surround sound system without a subwoofer, but instead my FR+FL are full range speakers each with a single 12 inch subwoofer. Fine yes?

I configured my amplifier to send the subwoofer signal to my front left and front right speakers.

When Im watching DVD's I use the Passthrough (SPDIF) and my amplifier decodes the signal, and I get a nice strong bass. (actually a bit too much but i like it).

But, here's the issue: My sound card does not support DTS connect Or Dolby Digital Live, so I use the analog connectors when im playing video games. Here's my problem. I cannot configure my sound card to use my system as a 5.0 system and for some reason even though i configured my amplifier to do so, it does not reroute the subwoofer signal. As a result, when im playing games or listening to music using CSMM-3D Stereo Surround (awesomest function ever) I get no Bass.

Ive narrowed down to 3 solutions:
2 impossible solutions:
- Configure sound card to use system as a 5.0, but i've tried this many times without succes. in fact I can only choose how many speakers i have, and it skips number 5. :pfff:
- Software which implements Dolby Digital Live, but thats too much hassle and my CPU gets loaded, which i dont want.

The one possible solution i have thought of is that i buy a new sound card which does support DTS connect or DD Live.

Do you have any advice on any solutions, whether it is using software, or if i should be buying a new soundcard, which should i get?

Thank you in advance, Niels

EDIT: When I select Digital output only and i am using any source other than DTS or DD, I only get 2 channel audio, with bass though, but this is still no good because the whole point of surround sound is so that it makes gaming awesomer (and yes i know that that is not a proper word)
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  1. Well, if you can only use PCI, the best options are the Auzentech Prelude and Asus Xonar D2.

    If you have access to PCI-E, then go Auzentech Forte and Asus Xonar DX.
  2. Nice sound cards, and definetely what I want, but, is there any chance at something cheaper?

    oh, and thanks for not mentioning creative. Drivers and my current sound card have been a pain in my a*s

    Moresay with win7 though. Worse, the newer drivers actually make the sound worse, it gets all crackly, so I use my old drivers in win7, which aren't actually entirely compatible with eachother.
  3. ^^ Only Creative fanboys like Creative.

    The ASUS Xonar DX can be found for around $80 or so, and theres only a few decent cards at a lower price point (ASUS Xonar D1, HT Omega Striker).

    I should note, you're 5.0 case is a unique one...I know you can disable the sub via the Windows Control Panel, but don't know about re-routing probably would want to ask around before committing on a card, just in case...
  4. As long as the output is Dobly Digital ALL the time, (when playing games n everything, literally always) Any sound card will do, since my amplifier then works correctly.

    I only get this problem when im using analog surround sound, which I kind of use All the time except with DVD's.

    BTW, I have configured no sub and FR+FL as full range in windows control panel but it doesn't help at all. No change in sound at all. Useless function
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