How can i tell a good motherboard from a bad one?

Well I am looking to build a new gaming rig and i need help finding a good motherboard. My real question for you is how can i read the specs and make my judgment. I know I am looking for a x58 motherboard for my i7 950. I am gonna crossfire 2 ATI 5870's so i just need two of those slots and one more. Now that narrows my search a few and i hear Asus has a great reputation. I know that the chipset is important but the thing is i don't know a good chipset from a bad one.

How can I decide from the numbers they give? Also how can i know about the quality of, say, the capacitors? Sound isn't an issue by the way. I have a good sound card. Please give me shopping tips.

Also while we are on this thread I might as well ask for you suggestions.
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    Has SATA 6, USB 3 and supports 2 GFX cards at PCI-e16
  2. While your on the referred website read all the customer reviews for the boards your choosing. Just remember they're not all accurate and the tech level stated by the user has nothing to do with reality. You have to weed out the garbage as apparently alot of people who do word processing on their computer think they're high level techs. Maybe they do legal word processing?
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