Need some Guidance on Amd II x2 245 Regor O/C

Hi I was Just Curious If this Overclock and Voltage for my Cpu is Fine, I was reading about overclocking this amd 245 I have and just input them into my bios on my Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H Motherboard. Windows 7 Booted right up, Temps are almost Identical to Stock, I was just wondering If everything seems fine, reason why is Some people had to use 1.5v+ on the cpu and Im able to get 3.6ghz off 1.4, I just wanna make sure I did Everything Right thats all, Any Input would be Greatly Appreciated! Thanks -James
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    Seem cool, if this success from prime95 or other stress test software , I think nothing wrong.
    For many people have vcore 1.5x because ussualy different mobo used. And see you temp idle at 40C and for safely max temp must below 74C when under fulload. Good oc :)
  2. Well yea but im almost positive that the 40c Temp is Wrong, I load Core Temp, Speed Fan and SIW and they all show the 2 cores in the 20's, idk where that 40c is coming from, this pc is in a room thats about with the air conditioner on max, but yea its still running, Thanks for the Insight! :)
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