9800 GTX displays as 9800 GT

I just recently got a new video card (9800 GTX). But when i use dxdiag, and HWMoniter, they both display that I have 9800 GT. Have I been scammed?
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  1. run GPU-Z
  2. I did. On the CPU-Z website, they have a software called HWMonitor, it displays all your hardwares. It shows that mine is 9800 GT.

    *oh GPU.. lemme try
  3. Yep, it displays as NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
  4. Who/what/where did you buy this card from?
  5. dual321 said:
    Yep, it displays as NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT

    congratulations, you own a 9800GT....hope you have a receipt
  6. Haha sure do. Its just the driving thats annoying. Thanks for your help ct.
  7. lol, did you buy it from a retail store?

    Somebody must've bought it, swapped the GTX with a 9800GT, and then returned it.
    The store you've bought it from is run by people with no tech experience.
  8. yous got scammed
  9. i believe the 9800gt and the GTX look identical.... thats a dirty way to make few bux (goes and orders 10 9800gt cards from newegg, lol jkjk)
  10. Ya, i got a few hundred bucks back. Still not the best deal, but u know.
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