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I have a asus a8v-deluxe FX-60 4gigs corsair xmspro gigabyte gv-r465d2-1gi 4650 agp graphics card. 650 watt corsair power supply.I can't get windows 7 64 bit to work with bios setting I had with xp pro32 bit. I set to default ran for about 4 days then blue screen stateing graphics driver was at fault.I was useing windows 7 driver because I could not install ati driver from disc or ati website.I also have spent more then 5 hrs with mircrosoft support with no results,they even took over my computer did'nt work.However no advice was given on bios setting.I have latest bios installed.I would be gratefull for any help possible to get this up and running.Ps the harddrive is seagate terrabyte sata.Im also useing the windows 7 pro upgrade version and upgradeing from xp pro i own.Will 7 64bit work with my setup? Thanks Big Dno
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  1. Don't know your board but some bios have memory address issue and a setting to handle this. The windows 7 drivers should be functional with your card only aware of problems with newest 5000 series in W7-64bit. Amd has had several functional versions of Catalyst that should install without issue. I think a new one was due out yesterday but didn't show. Even if the Catalyst install is a problem you can download and install just the driver portions, about 20 megs worth.
    Lastly there is no upgrade from XP to Windows 7. You are required to do a fresh install.
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