Asus 4890 Super ML Cap can't run Furmark.


my system will "Black Screen" then hang every time after runing Furmark few second.(1.7.0 or 1.6.5, Benchmarking or Stability

Test also same problem.)
when the "black screen" happen, the 2nd LED at the back of the card light up! ( total 4 diagnostic Leds at the back)
and the VDDC Current increase to 82.6A ( i use GPU-Z to monitor.) what is VDDC ?? is it a problem?
reset botton cant help to restart the system, need to power off the system and restart again!

i found this on amd forums :
Diagnostic LED meanings for the HD4890 card


D1601: critical temperature fault

D1602: AUX Hot Plug/Unplug Fault (upper connector)

D1603: AUX Hot Plug/Unplug Fault (lower connector)

but i not sure the 2nd led is which one, because no any indication near the Led.

GPU core temp is 53C /68C (idle/Gameing) but the PCB is very hot (can't put my finger on it more that 2 sec!)

but no problem play game ...(Crysis, UT3, FEAR2,3DMArk06...)

My system :
Athlon X2 5400+
Asus 4890 1GB DDR5 Super ML Cap (Twin Fan)
Asus M3A78-EMH-HDMI Bios 1107
WD 1TB Black
SILVERSTONE STRIDER 560W (12V1 and 12V2 is 20A 20A) should be enough!
XP SP3 English version.
Dell 2407WFP-HC

i try to put back my old card - ASUS 3850 256mb , the 3850 can run Furmark without any problem. so i try to test this 4890 at another system, and the black screen happen again!
the second system is :
AMD X2 5400+
ACBEL IPOWER 460W,(12V1 and 12V2 is 21A 20A)
Abit NF-M2S,
Seagate 500GB SATA
Kingston DDR2 KINGSTON PC 800 2GB.

any 4890 user got this problem?? is it the card problem? because i only brought it 5 days ago...

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  1. Simple answer: Furmark has a flaw that overloads the 4*** series cards VRM's.

    basically don't worry about it. It is a problem with Furmark, run some other video stress tests OR run some games and you will probably see that your card is not faulty or unstable at all.
  2. but why other 4890 card can run furmark without problem??

    and just found out OCCT Perestroïka 3.1.0 GPU test also cause the SAME problem like Furmark.
  3. Have you overclocked it at all? If you have, you're probably past the point of stability.

    Though, either way, if you have no problems in games, I see no problem. Furmark's main purpose is to break cards.
  4. Ive had nVidia cards fail its own stress test from the CP. No biggie
  5. What are the VDDC temperatures before it crashes? It could be that they are overheating. If have 2x XFX HD 4870s and the vddc temps would get up to 130C with Furmark. I removed the thermal pad from them and replaced it with Shin etsu thermal paste. The temps now top out at 100C. Also, make sure your case has good air flow. Try running with the side panel off and see if it helps.
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