i have a q6600 wich i wanted to overclock to 3.0 ghz ,, i set it to 333 x9 and 100 ,, left every thing else on auto ,, although its running stable im new to this and worried if its going to be ok or not ?? please could some one advise me ,, i have a arctic freezer 7 rev 2 cpu cooler ,, and only a 250 watt psu :pt1cable:
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  1. Not ok ! because you I don't know your psu pure/ from stock case, max temp under stresstest
  2. everest stress test says 40 after 12 mins and my temp monitor says 50 ??
  3. You can leave most things on auto for 3.0ghz. I would go in and set the following manually however. NB to the lowest or 1.2, FSB termination to the lowest 1.2 or 1.25 not sure and depends on the board,pci-e to 100 and don't forgot about ram frequency,timings and proper voltage setting. At 3.0 your board is probably giving more cpu voltage than it needs but it should be within spec with that overclock. Setting the voltage manually is always recommended.
  4. Agree with sportfanboy :)
  5. thanks for your replys ,, still worried about my 250 watt power supply lol ,, do you think i should keep stock till i get a better psu ??
  6. I'm thinking your pushing the limits of that little sucka no doubt. That said, a mild overclock isn't going to use that much more juice. So if your stable I wouldn't worry about it. I wouldn't expect that psu to last 5 or ten years but you never know,GL.
  7. hiya i have a asrock g31m-s and the oc tuner ,, i dont fully understand the tuner as i put it to 300x9 to achieve 2.7 out of my q6600 and left everything else,, this said it was changed but nothing else including bios showed this ..

    ive then gone into bios and changed it manually and left every thing else on auto ,, it seems stable and is idling at 25 degrees ,, is this ok and what is the point of the tuner if it appears to leave everything as is???

    btw im a noob at this lol :/ any help would be appreciated :pt1cable:
  8. thanks every 1 ,, cheap cit power pack blew my mobo lol so had to rebuild ,, refer to new thread need help agen lol
  9. just bought a decent psu too lol as a cheap cit psu blew my old g41mcombo :( piece o bab lol ,, got a gotta ocz stealth xtreme 2 now :wahoo:
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  11. 3.0ghz can be achieved by simply changing FSB from 266 to 333. I have this exact chip and depending if you have a G0 (zero), it should overclock quite well. Mine is at 3.6ghz, but you can go a bit further in many instances.

    Your temps seem fine. You really should read though the Core2 OC guide- (people just don't read stickies around here but ask questions about what is covered in them...)

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