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I have a Dell Poweredge 1600sc running Windows Server 2003. It has 2 SCSI 320 drives already and added a SATA card and drive. SATA card was installed fine in Windows, but drive is not showing in Disk Manager. BIOS says "Unknown" under primary disk 1 or secondary disk 1. Any ideas?
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  1. Are you positive the drives are working properly? Does your SATA card display the drive during the server POST? Also is this a stand-alone or a pair of drives and is it configured with RAID or AHCI? Just because windows doesnt have the "!" in device manager, there could still be issues with the driver or compatibility/known issues. What Server or Server Motherboard are you using as well as the SATA add-in Card?
  2. Yes the card is showing at post. As it turns out I did not have the power cable plugged into the SATA drive, rookie mistake on my part. What I have discovered is that the card is only compatible with SATA I. Once I plugged the cable in, the BIOS picked up the drive, then hung at the RAID setup. I purchased a WD hard drive that has a jumper setting to take it back to SATA I but it still hangs at the RAID setup. There are no known issues that I could find, it just seems that this system did not like the SATA II drive with a SATA I controller card configuration. I called Dell and was told it was not their card so they couldnt help me.
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