Ddr2 vs ddr3

I'm getting ready to order new parts and I'm stuck.

the original mobo runs ddr2 1066 with AM3 cpu's. It has 2x pcie2.0x16 slots. Both run x16. Not x8.

For 25 dollars less I can jump on the ddr3 bandwagon with a different mobo (same cpu) and the slots run x16,x8 for xfire. I'm not using xfire yet but in the event I do. Will I really notice it?

Would you rather go with mobo a) and stick with the xfire possibilities or go mobo b) and go ddr3 and take the x8?

Also, the extra 25 would probably make up the difference in price for the ddr3.

SO MANY CHOICES. I'm going insane really. I am.
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  1. It depends on your budget of course. You can crossfire at X8 (790GX, 790X), or at X16 (790FX). The difference in bus speeds will only show up at higher resolutions and large video cards. If you are talking two 4890s on a 30" monitor, then you are probably looking at 10FPS, which might hurt in some demanding games.

    As far as DDR3 goes, there is no real performance benefit. However, there might be in the future. If you buy 1600Mhz DDR3 now you will probably only run it at 1333, but DDR3 will be around for a while and maybe you'll be able to reuse it at some point.

    Also, upgrading to 8GB will be cheaper in the future if needed, as DDR3 prices fall and DDR2 rises.

    One last thing. The memory CONTROLLER is on the CPU. It's possible that AMD will make future CPUs without DDR2 support, making them AM3 only and not compatible with AM2+ DDR2 boards.

    So those are your pros and cons.
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