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hey guys,

Im building an i7 gaming rig as we speak.On my old rig i have a hp system that i cant overclock the cpu or replace it any higher.Now this rig will be my wifes who plays the same type of games that i do like left 4 dead, RTS games,etc.Now she games on a 1920x1200 res.Im trying to use the old 8800gts 512mb as a phyx card and a dx 11 card when they come out for graphics.Now which card do you guys think would be a good replacement for that 8800gts for my wife.

Remember i cant overclock the cpu and i would hate to really bottleneck a card so which nvidia card is a good one?
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  1. Perhaps wait for DX11 cards. 8800GTS is still quite a good card and can max out most games even at that high of a resolution.

    If you're gonna play more intensive games, then perhaps get a GTX275 for $220 @ newegg
  2. What processor and memory is on the hp system? Also, are you looking for best bang for the buck or do you want to max out the cpu and capture every fps possible?
  3. sorry for not mentioning that.

    cpu= core2duo 2.66
    memory= ddr2 667

    Will a gtx275 not be bottleneck at 1920x1200
  4. And yes sir Im trying to max out my cpu for every bit of framerate
  5. hmmm 4870 should be good, but it wont really smoke at that res.... there is a program called setFSB, thats how i overclocked my gateway rig (SO WORTH IT)... all you do is find the PII chip on your mobo, input it, and set the FSB... and whola free Ghz pop out... WATCH YOUR TEMPS

    if you overclock high enough go for a 280
  6. How much do you wanna spend?
  7. Take a look here:


    For a fast shooter like L4D i'd go for the 1Gb HD4870 or GTX260, especially at that higher resolution., if she's not wholly happy with the current framerates.
    If she is happy with the current framerates and game experience then aim a little lower: HD4850/GTS250/9800GTX/GTX+ but, as always check prices and look for deals, especially the 'weekend specials'!
    Yes, it is sensible to pay a few dollars more for a faster card and no, do not be tempted beyond 1Gb of memory;)

    PS: Which power supply is installed?The GTX260/HD4870 both require a strong PSU with two 6 pin PCI-E connectors.
  8. Sorry for the late reply.

    As far as budget goes it doesn't matter.I would just like to see the last upgrade on that system be a good one that wont be starving for speed from that cpu.I really dont want to hassle with programs that can inprove the speed on it.

    What Ive heard so far from people is between the gtx260,gtx275,and the gtx285.So with a core2duo at 2.66,800 watt mushkin power supply,and a monitor at 1920x1200.Which card do you guys think would be a good combo for that cpu.
  9. I think a GTX 275 will be good for that config.........
  10. I agree with Shubham1401, the GTX275 is a good match for your requirements, both now and for the future, look at the GTX280/285 but only get one if the price is right because neither is much faster than a GTX275.
    Wait until saturday to start looking, US E-tailers often have 'weekend specials' that can save a useful amount of money.
    Always read the Newegg reviews on a product before purchase, even if you purchase elsewhere, these are reviews from actual customers and can highlight issues that might have been missed elsewhere.
  11. With your monitor resolution, I think that the GTX 260 will provide all the power you need and anything more may be wasted. But the best thing to do is look at the TGH charts for the games you play - or similar - and see if the faster cards give you any more fps that are perceptible.


    Remember you want a minimum of 30 fps for games to be playable and that over 60 fps you will notice no difference. So if the GTX 275 increases fps from 100 to 150 it means nothing in terms of how you might perceive the game. Now that being said - you may wish to consider or allow for faster games in the near future or a larger monitor if you think you might get one. Just keep in mind you don't want to plan to far into the future with game cards because three years down the road you are better off having saved the difference and purchasing a new faster card at lower prices.
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