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My motherboard died about a month ago, and after the first RMA board came dead as well, I finally got a good one (I think...) about a week ago. I put it in, and everything booted. I went into my Windows 7 RC partition, everything came up as I left it before the crash.

However, the internet ran verrry slow. I was unable to log into gmail, connect with thunderbird to my mail server. In fact, anything I had to 'log in' to or download would time out. I called my ISP (they're notoriously bad at times) and they had me do a speed check. Got about 4-7 Mbps download, but I was getting 0.02-0.07Mbps upload! They told me they'd look into it, but to also try another computer to see what happened.

I plugged in this laptop, with Ubuntu linux on it, and everything was fine. ~1Mbps upload, 3-4Mbps download. I then suspected the desktop. So, since i had the RC on, I did a fresh install of Windows 7 Enterprise (64 bit) on the partition (I have another partition for data, if that makes any difference). Still no go.

I tried reseting CMOS, no go. I tried reinstalling drivers by uninstalling the ethernet drivers, and letting Windows 7 reinstall them. Still didn't fix it. I tried downloading drivers on my laptop (Realtek ethernet) and installing the Realtek drivers, still didn't fix it. I tried disabling "Receive Side Scaling" as it was reported a windows 7 issue else where, still not working. I tried setting the Speed & Duplex settings to 100Mbps Full Duplex (originally auto negotiate) still didn't fix it. I tried both ports, still no go.

I reset winsock and did a flushdns thing on windows command prompt.

So EVGA (My motherboard company) suggested I try ubuntu linux via CD boot. I tried it, and it still was slow...

Is there anything I haven't tried, or could test to confirm a hardware issue? They want me to get a USB wireless card and try it, which would be difficult for me to get for a few days. I'd hate to have to RMA yet *another* board, so if I can fix it myself, i'd rather do that.

Thanks for any suggestions/tips.

Setup: EVGA x58 SLI Classified mobo, Core i7-920, 3x2GB triple channel RAM, GTX260 graphics card, Realtek PCIe GBE family Controller ethernet
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  1. Are you using the on-board controller or an add in pci-e card?
    If you are using an add in card disable the on-board controller as there might be some issues between the 2....
    Hope this helps...JQ
  2. I'm using the onboard card =\.
  3. H'mmmm, I think I would ask EVGA for a good board, also if they want you to try a USB wireless card ask them which one they're going to send you.
    I would also expect some consideration for using you as a test subject on one of their repaired? motherboards a second time. When they send you a Fully tested replacement Tell them to inclued their return shipping prepaid label inside.
  4. Hey i just read this post and thought can a bad motherboard cause slow internet speeds? Because i had a similar case
  5. *Update*

    From what it now seems, EVGA did send me a good board. I brought my desktop home from college for break, and it works just fine on my home internet.... Not sure why my laptop at my school apartment works fine, but my desktop does not. Did not have to do anything special when I first brought my desktop to school before the motherboard went dead, so I'm not sure what I would need to do after getting the new motherboard. We have no router in the apartment, but just a board which the ethernet cables are punched into in a service box in our place. We need access codes to get on, but I already put two valid ones in (if they were invalid, I wouldn't be able to get on the internet period).

    I'm kind of clueless now...
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