Loading win xp onto an external disc from win7

I'm trying to load win xp sp3 from a cd onto an external hdd connected via usb2 to a pc running win7. I have formatted the hdd and the pc reads it as 2 partitions, System(F:) 100MB NTFS Healthy (Active Primary Partition) & Windows (E:) 148.95 GB NTFS Healthy (Primary Partition). I seem to have left something out in the process, no matter what i do I CAN'T PERSUADE IT TO START LOADING.
Can anyone help me with a path to follow.

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  1. I don't think xp can boot from an external drive as it initializes the USB ports on startup. When it inializes these ports, it will lose connection to the drive it's trying to boot from.
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  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Learn something new everyday. Thanks Area51.
  4. Hi, Thanks for that area51, it just boggled me!

    Made me realise I was stepping into waters way above my head. :lol:
    Thing is, it all makes sense as I read it. But then so many of the instructions telling one to do this or that I neither know how to carry out nor even understand how to get to, not just a few but whole sequences.

    I had assumed :lol: that I had basicly worked out how to do the job but had just missed out something simple along the way, now I understand that I wasn't even in the ball Park :lol: .

    Not withstanding all that, your answer was very usefull, it pointed out to me that with my current abysmal level of computer literacy I need to stay within limits that challenge my abilities rather than going to where I'm so 'ALL at sea' that I would have to carry on weeks of to and fro questions to get to do something that I now realise is of doubtfull value anyway.

    So thank you.

    It's led me to rethink what I was trying to do and realise that rather than simplifyinging my situation what I was proposing to do would unnescessarily complicate things.
    Now I can find a simpler way to go about it.

    Warm regards
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