Upgrade to ssd but my recovery is on old harddrive partition 2 22gb

Yo guys picked up a nice laptop and replacing the 500gb hdd with a 128ssd c300 realssd.. anyways i have no disks for W7 home and on my 500gb partition 2 (25gb) i have the 21gb or so recovery.. my laptop has a eSATA out btw.. when this ssd shows whats the most efficient steps to get her rigged.. thanks.. btw i did some minor search.. didnt see my situation.. and im too busy turboing cars the last 5 years so im outa the computer loop haha thanks pros!
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  1. did find this.... To everyone else having some performance issues: ITS NOT THE DRIVE, CHECK YOUR PARTITION ALIGNMENT! Acronis has issues with this so be careful and do your research before doing a clone to a SSD. You can clone your drive and get correct alignment for free using win7 pro built-in tools and 1 other free tool. Use this as a guide it will explain everything.


    No lag issues here. I DID LEAVE MY PAGEFILE ON THIS DRIVE! Your asking for hicups if you disable or move it to a spindle drive. The whole pagefile issue destroying your drive was played to death because of first gen SSD's. Unless you plan on keeping this drive for 15 years then its not gonna be an issue. Before the flames come in please look this up for yourself. Modern NAND's have a far longer
  2. ok i feel like a total noob here, i cant figure out how to get my ssd rolling.. here is a cluster F of info on what iv done.

    win7 home, upgraded to pro, 128gb ssd C300, 500gb hdd

    cant figure this *** out still... i resized my partition on my original harddrive to 50gb... then i deleted the recovery so thats not there.. just a 100mb partition for SYSTEM and the main C 50gb.. so then i partitioned a external drive (connected to eSATA cable out the side of ENVY to 55gb.. i went into control panel and made a image onto your external (showed two things imaging to the external System and the C - tho on partition wizard it does show anoter FAT32 HP Tools partition on the main drive but it doesnt show that on the image copy program so who cares.. thought id mention it) .. only took up 20-30gb i think.. so i put in the ssd... it shows 119gb.. the boot disk works and we are running.. it sees the image and goes to do work but says " the system image restore failed" No disk that can be used for recovering the system disk can be found. Details. i guess this is a common error but i cant figure out what to do to solve it.. im taking a partitioned 55gb drive and putting my 30gb or so image on a 119gb unit so there should be no oddities here.. iv gone into the command and put in diskpart did this.. I went into Diskpart and type "select disk=0". Then I type "detail disk" to make sure I had the right drive. I typed "Clean", and then "exit" to get out of Diskpart. But when i did that it erased the program or code that the recovery disk put on the ssd i think... so then it says you need to restart and the recovery does its thing again loading the light version software to do work. idk.. phuckn pissing me offf... i upgraded to pro just to see if it helped -100 and it doesnt..

    btw after i do that clear function in diskpart i get the error to go back and re install the repair disk type software to prepare the disk for the image.. error 0x80042403

    detail disk shows

    disk=0 no volumes thats it

    disk=1 is a volume 1 C NTFS partition 48gb healthy

    if i list disk

    shows disk 0 online 119gb
    shows disk 1 online 149 GB
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