P5BW-LA virtualization off, how do I turn it on?

I have a pc I want to do a clean install of windows 7 on. I would like to take it up to 64 bit. I checked to make sure it's possible and securable said it was except I needed to turn on my hardware virtualization. How do I do that in the bios? Thanks
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  1. you only need the virtualization for xp mode.. it'll work fine without it if that's not what you're shooting for.
    also, it's usually turned on by default, infact i'm not sure it can be turned off, it doesn't affect anything by being turned on, if you don't use it it just sits there. having said that, i'd check in your motherboard's manual for any mention of it.
    also, if you're running an intel chip, not all of them have intel vt which is their virtualization technology... look up your chip on their site and it'll list it in the features if it's got it.
  2. I actually found it by just looking around in the bios. I have a quad that runs 32bit vista and I was wanting to upgrade to a 64bit windows 7. It (virtualization) was turned off by default. In checking for compatibility for windows 7 64bit, this was the only issue I found. http://www.grc.com/securable.htm SecurAble by Gibson Research Corp. looks to see if your pc is 64bit capable and if not, what three things would make it possible. virtualization was one of the three. Now after turning on the virtualization, I reran the windows 7 advisor. I can now upgrade to windows 7 64bit using a custom install. Thanks for the reply.
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