Why is a PC case so hard to chose?

hello. i'm doing my own heading here. i want to chose a PC case (only have around £80), preffibley a Mid-case because i only have a M-ATX MOBO on my gaming PC and the smaller the Cheaper.

i've looked at three main companies to turn to: Antec, CoolerMaster,Thermaltake.
at the mo i have a Jeantech AQUA Gaming case, and it's not very good (no dust filters so my new shiny 9800GT is filled with dust.) i'm not the person that actually has a social life (goto lan parties) so i don't care about how heavy the case is.

the main cases i've been looking at are:

thermal take M9D
thermal take Element G
thermal take Armour + MX
thermaltake V9
thermaltake Xaser MX
Cooler Master Haf 922
antec Mini P180 - my favourate

Can you help me choose

Why is a PC case so hard to Chose?
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  1. Depends on your system specs really so post them and we'll see, but good airflow is always the main thing to consider.

    Personally I'd go from something not on your list: Antec 300
  2. Because they're not that complicated so there's lots of companies building cases that fit your needs.

    Usually if it has a front intake fan, an aft exhaust some decent cooling and enough space to house all your components, it will be fine.
  3. The reason that it is so hard is that even after you weed out the crap, there are still a lot of good cases to choose from. I had pretty much made up my mind to get a HAF 932, and then the Antec 900 went on sale, so I bought that.

    Read the reviews, remember that none of them are perfect, and even the good ones have bad individual boxes. If you are getting a big CPU cooler or GPU card, make sure it will fit and then get one. If it doesn't work out, RMA it and get another one.
  4. plus one for the antec three hundred.

    the three hundred is probably my absolute favourite gaming case. its cheap, looks awesome, and has absolutely excelent airflow.

    with a few LED fans in the front it can look pretty bling.
  5. A friend of mine got an Antec 300 in the spring. I talked to him about it recently. He is very pleased with it.
  6. It's hard to choose because it's tough to give advice- my criteria (love the industrial look of my antec 900 that cost me $69) may be different from your criteria (maybe you want it to look like Optimus Primes head, or want to spend $300 for something that'll accommodate water cooling)

    That said, the one thing I don't llike about the Antec 900 and maybe the 300 too, is that if you want both fans in front, you only have 3 5.25 (or 2 5.25 and one 3.5 bay) to use.
  7. antec 300? i would rather upgrade that and see if i can get the 900 or even the 902 for £80.

    my specs are:

    AMD Athlon 2.7 GHz Black edition Processor (planning to overclock (A little new to this pc modding stuff)

    Gigabyte M61PME-S2 MOBO

    pinoneer Disk drive (which has lasted me for 12 Years)

    a Maxor 250GB HDD (can't tell you the Freq. at the mo. i'm on MAC OS X(Dual Boot))

    A HEC 550Wat PSU (planning to upgrade VERY soon)

    A Nvidia PNY 9800GT

    a Belkin Wireless G+ Reciever

    I REALLY like the Mini P180 the Haf 922 and the Element G.
  8. There are too many choices. Currently newegg.com has over 800 pc cases listed in a variety of formats, styles, and colors. The largest category is atx mid-tower cases with 466 listings.
  9. Go for the HAF 922, it's the best of the 7 you listed, or pick the CM storm sniper if you can afford it, both share many good features but the sniper is larger and better, in fact I see it as the best case in its price range.
  10. You say you have a M-ATX mobo?

    I have a TT Lanbox. It's ok, but there's only 2" clearance between the PSU and CPU cooler (I have a TT Toughpower 750W and Q6600). I'd love to OC my CPU but I can't get a decent cooler due to space restrictions.

    Having said that though, I love when people see it and go "WTF is that?" :)

    Also love not having a big-ass tower taking up half the room
  11. I recently bought a CM Storm Sniper and it was love at first sight, it cost me £119 with free shipping from Ebuyer.
    Its got a mesh side panel but you can get accessories from C.M. on-line parts shop such as extra 200mm fans &
    a side panel with a perspex window but the main thing i like is the ability to control the speed of all the fans from
    the single controller knob which also has a button for switching the L.E.D`s off. Cable management and air circulation
    are first rate and if you go to LAN parties, the keyboard and mouse cable lock shud come in really handy for protecting
    those really expensive peripherals.

    I like the Antec 300 but for me it has to have the right PSU; if you happen to have one with a 120mm fan underneath
    then you are gonna have to mount it upside down which makes cable management ugly and increases the possibility
    of dropping a screw in there when changing a drive or something. Its a great case if it has the proper Antec PSU with
    front to back airflow aided by 2x80mm fans.

    The other case i really like and is within your budget is the CM Storm Scout and it has a good air flow, looks good and
    designed for Lan Parties so its lightwieght.

    Hope you make the right choice :pt1cable:
  12. I confess i'm a cheap bastard, i'll use whatever case that has decent airflow and will hold my components. I'd rather spend my money on things that increase performance. So +1 to the Antec300 or even the Antec200.
  13. yep the Storm Sniper is too expensive so i've decided to go with the Storm Scout:


    and this leaves me £20 for some case mods
  14. Good Choice. I have the Storm Scout and love it. The only bad thing about it is that it might not fit one of the new 5870's.

    It seems like it would if the 5870 extended a bit into the 5.25" drive bays but if you wanted to Crossfire them then that's not possible.

    But you have a 9800GT so that will fit fine.

    It's a great case and has good airflow. :D
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