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Hello,My computer can not the hard disk st3200822AS ? So Please Help !
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    Hello,My computer can not read the hard disk st3200822AS ? So Please Help !
  2. Most of us use a Windows OS, NT or later. If you are in that category, you do not need a driver for an old Seagate SATA drive. So, we need more information to figure out if the drive simply needs to be partitioned, is dead, or what.

    For starters, run through my checklist at If you fail one of the steps, let us know which one.

    It would also be useful to let us know what model PC / motherboard you have, if the drive used to have nothing, data, or your OS on it, and if anything interesting happened about the time it stopped working (lightning storm? Bought a new machine?)

    I'll watch this thread.
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