Adding generic usb keyboard and mouse driver in windows xp for imaging

i want to add generic usb keyboard and usb mouse driver in my windows xp sp2 installation because i want to make an image of this installation to deploy on other pc's. normally when i deploy an win xp image after reaching desktop it asks for usb keyboard and usb mouse drivers and add new hardware wizard comes to do this task while these drivers are present in windows xp itself and we only have to click next (we cannot click at that moment because mouse or keyboard is not working due to drivers not installed) but i dont know why we have to click manually and why windows do not install these input devices automatically. so i want to add or setup these drivers to be installed automatically. i saw a live windows xp cd somtimes before knows as Hiren's Boot CD it loads from ram directly and do not need input device drivers to be installed manually and also usb flash driver is plug & play as you plug in any flash drive without installing it it becomes ready in no time in this live cd. i want to do this with input device drivers in my windows installation so that usb keyboard and usb mouse drivers should work automaticaly after imaging and on first login on any system.
thanx in advance.
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  1. This won't work, the PC will try to detect the USB keyboard and mouse each time.

    If you wait a few minutes at most, the computer will find the devices and install them. The issue may be with the image, is it going on different hardware? If it is, you need to setup the unattended setup to read from a list of drivers you provide it for the motherboard chipset and usb drivers. There are no "generic" drivers for USB, they are based on what the motherboard is.
  2. as i mentioned above usb keyboard or mouse detection is not problem. problem is that why windows do not install usb keyboard and usb mouse drivers automatically when they are already present in windows by default. we can not install these drivers manually because we can not even move mouse cursor or use keyboard at that time.

    In simple words when we cannot use usb keyboard or usb mouse how can we install keyboard or mouse drivers which are already present in windows xp.

    in the days of ps2 keyboard, mouse this was not a problem and we do not need to install drivers for these devices but now usb keybaord and mouse require drivers to be installed. and astonishing thing is this when these drivers are present in windows why it asks to install them manually and why it do not install them automatically from system32 folder.
  3. What exactly is it asking for? How is the image being built? Is it saved on one type of hardware and then used on different models?

    I image hundreds of PCs, some have SP2 as well, none ask for drivers for the mouse or keyboard, it can take a minute to detect them however before they work.
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