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Hey, I recently bought a new pc but the video card dogs in modern games so I was looking at video cards to buy and came across the Gtx 260 216Sp by EVGA at newegg for a decent price. The reviews say the card is excellent, etc but I need more information on the card. I have looked at the Benchmarks but the problem is, they don't use Crysis in the new ones so it's hard to understand if the Gtx 260 216Sp can max out Crysis and play it with full AA and AS with no bad framerates. Also, I measured the dimensions on the card and it can fit in my case cause I know how large that thing is.

Another question also, Is there a noticable difference between OpenGL 2.1 and OpenGL 3.0? Cause i noticed that the 260 I wish to purchase only has 2.1 on it. Does this mean i will not see OpenGL 3.0 Visual effects, or is it just a upgraded more efficient driver? Because the Gtx 275 has 3.0 on it but the one I am looking at only shows 2.1, so i was just wondering if that will have any serious problems or impacts on the future games I would buy.

I would like a better understanding of the card's performance, I.e., do you own one and does it play crysis maxed out?

Here are my basic system specifications.

Cpu: Core i7 920 2.7GHz
Memory: 6134MB RAM
Operating System: Vista Home Premium 64-bit
Harddisk: 500 GB 7200 RPM (If this matters)

I would be most appreciative if i could get heat information also. Thanks a bunch!
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  1. Nope that card cant play crysis maxed out with full aa. Depending on resolution it may play at all setting very high with 2-4aa. I dont think the openGl is a huge issue since games use dx9/10/11
  2. Hmmm interesting, what about the 275? The GTX 275 has a +14 FPS average over the 260. Also my monitor is supports a max resolution of 1680x1050 (Native) so there could be a difference in performance.
  3. Well i play at 1920x1080 and i can almost max crysis (very high 16aa, but not 16QXA nvidia's own aa) out with 2 gtx260 sli heavily overclocked avg 27-30fps. At your resolution 2 gtx260 should do the trick or a single gtx295, single gtx275 wont be enough to max it out.

    The gtx275 is about 10-14% faster then a gtx260.
  4. Interesting, i also found a ATI HD 4870 with 1gb of graphics memory on it and 800 stream processors with only 900 MHz memory clock.

    The 260 only has 216 stream processors and 800 mb graphics memory..

    Could the radeon possibly outperform the GTX 260? Can it max crysis?
  5. alexander; the 4870 is the ATI performance equivalent of the GTX260 but crysis prefers the Nvidia drivers over the ATI (its not night and day but there is a difference)
  6. -people need to mention what resolution they use before they start posting stuff about graphics!!!
    -Whatever your resolution is, even its 480x640 i dought that card can do 16QxAA, ALL very highs/enthusiast and 16xAF, I just dought it, if you want that, get like triple 285s
    -i might have exagerated but you get the point
  7. One 260 will give you playable frame rates at 1680 x 1050 on crysis at the second to lowest graphics setting with no AA. And actually looks pretty good at that res.

    At 1980 x 1200 though it starts to get choppy.
  8. I got to wonder, when they do FPS tests, do the benchmarks show the FPS average or the FPS in that current scenario? I would like to know for example: Do they test and benchmark with explosions all over the place or is it settle?
  9. Look man, I will give you an honest answer. I have a 4870 1GB and I can play Crysis at 1920x1080 with high (not Very high) settings with 25-35 FPS. 25 is with exxplosions going around, It kinda goes to ~45 too sometimes but thats if you are staring at a wall or a
    At 1680x1050, i get ~60FPS constant with same settings and 2x AA, but when I am in heavy firefights, the FPS dip to about 35.

    You should see very similar performance with a 260.
    This is a real world feel of the game that I get while playing. Benchmarking results can be much poor or much better as they are measured on a given timedemo. When you actually play the game, its a different scenario altogether. Also, crysis has a different feel than most of the FPS out there, such that even at 25 FPS, it APPEARS to be fluid.

    If you want to play crysis even at 1680x1050 with full AA(16X), you will need at least sli'ed gtx 295. I say go ahead with GTX 275 and enjoy it.. Crysis is not the end of the world after all.....
  10. come on crysis is just one game. when it was released even developers couldnt test it on very high with turned AA. cevat yerli said that in one of his interviews. This game isnt optimize because is selling point for new graphic cards.
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