Overclocking cpu and memory issue with asrock p55 extreme

I have a asrock p55 extreme mobo and i5 750 chip and 4 gb g.skill SDRAM DDR3 2000 memory.. I tried the easy overclocking in bios to set my cpu to 3.6mhz and memory to 2000 but ended up getting a blue screen after saving the settings and restarted and had to go back to the default settings.

Can anybody tell me how I can set up overclock my chip to 3.6 and have the memory be read at 2000 without any problems?? I also have a 750w corsair power supply if that helps. Thanks!
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  1. somebody, anybody??
  2. Try increasing the voltage a little, then loosening the settings. I can't even get mine to install windows with DDR3-1600 :(
  3. The highest memory multiplier available to the i5 750 is x10. So, to get your RAM to run at 2000 MHz, you'll have to get your BCLK stable at 200. 200 BCLK x 10 memory multiplier = 2000 MHz.

    Start with small, incremental BCLK changes. Test for stability and watch your temps. When you hit a point where you are unstable, up your Vcore.

    Once you get into it and have more specific questions, the OC forum is a better place to post: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/forum-29.html
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