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Are there any good ~120GB SSD for laptops? Oh and it needs to be Intel.
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  1. The answer to your question is yes. Most laptops can accomodate a 2.5 inch ssd.

    Here is a link to currently available Intell 2.5 inch ssd's for consumers:

    You can ignore the two Intel 510 ssd'd Unless you are going to be working with really huge incompressable files.
  2. [Hopefully I can remember everything I wrote. Apparently FF locked the message window and wouldn't let me make a correction after I previewed my comment prior submitting, and deleted everything written when it forced a "resend" as I backed up one step].


    I am considering a 120G Intel X25-M to replace the 7200rpm 320GB HDD in my notebook. I am very attracted to the idea of data storage with no moving parts in something that gets jostled quite a bit. While this involves a bit of "downsizing" I will no longer be needing as much storage on the notebook since I am in the process of moving all my 3D CG apps and runtimes to a new 64 bit I-7 workstation build with lots of RAM.

    I decided on the Intel X25-M because of the high marks it received as well as it's low power requirement (75mW idle 150mW peak), which is about half of what my current drive draws. This results in less load on the PSU and less heat, which are two very important concerns I have since my notebook is a few years old (don't have the income to buy new every couple years). Other features that helped in the decision are the drive's low write amplification and wear leveling design which translate to better reliability and longevity.

    I read the review here, however it is somewhat out of date as SDDs were still rather new (and fairly expensive) at the time. Even though a Samsung unit exceeded the X25 in some performance aspects, again the X25s lower power requirement along with it's reliability and amplification/wear leveling management are major factors over speed. One thing, boot-up and shutdown will be very quick compared to what I deal with now (particularly important during a busy day).

    At around 229$, the 120G model seems to be the beast deal as the price difference between it and slightly smaller units (say 96 - 100g) is not that much. Originally my notebook came with an 80G HDD and I could go that route with an SSD, but as I plan to keep one of my more basic 3D (along with a couple 2D) apps on the notebook as kind of a "CG sketchbook", the extra 40G of overhead is worth the additional cost.

    As for the 320G HDD, it will most likely go into the workstation to become my 3D runtime drive as the Momentus has very good performance benchmarks for read/write (almost on par with the X25 according to the review).

    (backed up in Notepad this time just in case)
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