Antec 1200: Optional fan(s) question!

Finally ordering all my goodies this evenin'. There are two spots on the Antec 1200 case for optional 120mm fans. I was wondering if anyone out there knows which fans exactly come with the case. I would like to utilize those two extra spots for fans, but would also like to get the exact same fans for mostly aesthetics, but also to be sure that they fit and are of the same quality. Also, a link to where I can buy a couple, please. I am ordering most stuff from NewEgg, but also from Heatsink Factory, so that would be a big plus if they can be ordered from either of those places.

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  1. I've never seen a technical review of the Antec Twelve Hundred that actually listed the make, model, and specifications for the included fans.

    Here is a link to all of the Antec case fans listed at
  2. Thanks for the link.


    This one (see link below) has quite a few reviews with people saying that they bought two for the Antec 1200 and that they are great little fans. However, the case fans in the picture of the Antec 1200 case, the fans are black. These are clear/white. I don't see any 120mm Antec fans that are black. Which SUCKS!

    Perhaps I can switch the two rear fans that come with the case for two clear ones and put the two black, original fans, where they are seen so everything looks nice and neat. That may be my only option aside from a can of black spray paint. Haha

    Thanks again!

    Anyone else want to chime in?
  3. Antec actually make the fans for their cases - they used to sell them seperately too, but think they just concentrate on cases these days.

    I have the Antec 1200 - not sure why you want more fans though.
    3 x 120 mm fans - front
    2 x 120 mm fans - rear
    1 x 200 mm fan - roof

    does a great job on my i7920 and have three speed settings
  4. I modded my 1200 with my own fans, essentially this is what you will have to do because everything in the 1200 is a custom wire job, here is what I mean:

    Fan connectors in rear for rear controller panel:

    Front fans w/ controller knob:

    So, you take those out, just patience and a little bit of unscrewing the front bays (take them completely out then unscrew everything and then remove the fan controller connector). It can be done, but I detest the 1200 for these "features".
  5. Pretty sure they just use "Antec Tri Cool" fans.

    However you may want to research some quieter fans. I have an Antec 900 II and the fans are alright but even at lowest speeds a bit noisy. I just bought some Cool Master Sickle Flow fans (online, waiting to get them...) with a fan controller to quiet the PC down when I'm not gaming.
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