CORSAIR 3x2gb DDR3 settings on asus P6TD Deluxe

Hi to everyone,

I have built my system on the asus P6TD deluxe platform just a couple days ago.I use CORSAIR TR3X6G 1600 C7 DDR3 6GB 1600MHZ(three sticks).When i checked RAM frequency in BIOS i found that due to cpu controller it s set to 1066mhz.Asus Mobo have 1066 and 1333 native. I want to set it on 1600mhz nad want to ask whether i have to make any other changes in BIOS apart from DRAM settings? or i just set it to 1600mhz, save it and reboot? Thank you
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  1. Is this your RAM?

    If it is then you need to manually set the RAM speed to 1600MHz, with 7-7-7-20 timings at 1.65v. Check your motherboard owners manual for details on how to change all the settings in the BIOS. You have to change all three values if you want your RAM to run at its rated specs.
  2. That's the one.Would you be able to tell me any program to stress those RAM's and see how stable they are?
  3. Memtest86+
  4. Thank you shortstuff.Great stuff!
  5. Any time. Good luck!
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