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I have a p6t deluxe v2 x58 board which does not have a sata III controller. I am trying to find a raid card that will be able to handle the new ocz Vertex 3 read speeds and possibly a raid 0 with these drives in the near future; Unfortunately the only cards that i am finding are cheap and wont work or are over 500$. ANY SUGGESTIONS.
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  1. Have you considered an OCZ PCI-e based ssd? They come with multiple ssd's in Raid 0 array.
  2. I like the Areca 1220 card- it's older but works well and can be had for under $500 if you look around.
    As for the OCZ suggestion- BE CAREFUL! I have the same Motherboard as you (ASUS P6T Deluxe V2) and ALL of the OCZ SATA based SSDs have problems with that mother board ( and Most ASUS Motherboards). I returned my Vertex2 320GB SSD drive to OCZ 3times before they believed (only after they actually tested on themselves- on an older P5T M-board) that their drives are not compatible with MOST ASUS products. I tried XP-32/64 and Win7-64 all with the same BSOD issues, before and after all of the drivers were installed. However, I did get a Revo Drive X2 and it works very well so far (for three or so days now). BTW- Hitachi Ultrastar drives are the best rotational drives (Too bad WD is buying them out!)
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