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Toshiba HD speed 4200RPM to 5400

Last response: in Components
September 26, 2009 1:07:03 AM

I have an older Toshiba A25S279 60GB hard drive, 4200RPM. Does anyone feel there would be a problem to upgrade to 160GB HD @5400RPM?

Other question, to replace the HD physically and then transfer information to new Hd from 60GB hard drive, I need help with

Thank You,
September 26, 2009 1:46:07 AM

I'm guessing your 60GB drive is PATA/IDE>
I don't think you can buy PATA anymore. The new standard is SATA.

As far as a problem, provided you have the correct interface (SATA or PATA) most 2.5" drivers are interchangeable.

As for transferring, I assume you mean transferring the Operating System. You would need to use the CLONE utility. This may be difficult if you only have one drive hookup.

Your options are to CLONE, or Reinstall your OS, or do an IMAGE backup and RESTORE to the new drive.

I just don't have the details to help you out specifically.
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