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hello all,
So i was in the middle of a build and after trying just about everything, the only thing that would happen was the green motherboard light come on once the power was connected. There was no beeps, other lights, spins of hdd, or fans anywhere, so not even the psu fan. Soooo... i try everything, breadboarding, no ram, no hdd, no fans, reconnected wires, rescrewing screw, and reconnecting the mobo to the case to make sure there were no contact points even switched out the psu. Anyway, when i posed this question before( before i forgot to confirm my account and had to remake it) i got the answer of i had the same problem, and just reset the jumper. I have the asusm4a785td-m evo mobo and i would like to know if he was right, has anybody else had this problem, whats a jumper, where is the jumper, and how to fix this problem. Really need quick responses! :cry:
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  1. Take the board out of the case until you get it to post and place it on a phonebook or cardboard box. Remove the power supply from the case if you can't reach the board with the ps connectors. If you use the Intel style push pin heatsink, carefully turn over the board to be sure all the plastic pins are evenly installed. Read some more faqs if necessary about installing a new board. Check the memory to be sure it's seated. When you have the ps leads connected, then touch the pin cluster with the power switch pins to power up. No optical or hardrives connected until it posts. Only the keyboard if you want to set the boot order, save and exit. No beeps means you don't have a case speaker connected. Unlikely the cmos jumper is out of position, but you never know. If all of the above doesn't work, then take a magnifying glass and check the covered pins on the cmos jumper to be sure they're in the run position. The pin position is in the board manual. 2 out of 3 pins are covered by the red or orange plastic jumper to power up. The cmos jumper is listed in the board manual; usually located near the board battery, which is usually round. Your board manual has good diagrams. All you gotto do is read it.
  2. A jumper is someone too near your wife,
    No there is no reason to believe that the board would be shipped jumpered not to run. Whereas thats a new board this year you likely have the manual and the only jumper thats typically configurable is the clear cmos jumper.
    It sounds like you have a good idea what you are doing so, can you try just hooking up the power good connector to the panel and just a harddrive, nothing in the motherboard to see if the power supply is working. I know some require a load of some sort is why the HD. I'm also hoping the 24 pin doesn't have any load requirement as well. Object here is to see if power supply went south first.
  3. nothing is working, but if the green led comes on, does that mean the mobo is working.
  4. No, that only means current is making its way to successfully to light the led. It's certainly better than no light though. It's the equivilant of standby voltage line functioning at least that far.
  5. oh ok
  6. so i just took the mobo out of the case, put it on a box, and reconnected everything, and still, green light, no power up. please help :cry:
  7. Make sure you have properly seated the 24-pin main power and 4-pin CPU power connectors.

    If you are still unsuccessful, recheck your motherboard specs to make sure your PSU is sufficient for your board (I hope you have a quality PSU - not a no-name brand).
  8. i tried 2 psus, one was a raidmax (ehh) and one was a rosewill(better) the 4 pin and 24 pin have been taken out and put back in about...15 times so i think they are in properly. i am pretty experienced, but this problem i have no idea what to do.
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