NVidia driver crash

My GPU came with an overclocking program called OC GURU. I get alot of messages saying my nvidia drivers have stopped working but has recovered during gaming, i thought this might be down to the overclocking. I've recently got into computer gaming and so dont know much about overclocking,
can anyone reccomend a stable setting for my GFX card, i have a Nvidia GTX 460 with latest driver

Currently my GPU clock is at 815MHz and memory clock at 1000MHz
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  1. Well, I have had experience with OCing graphic cards (Radeon HD cards, however). The GPU clock seems a bit high. See how it works around the high 600s or low/mid 700s.
  2. You're right, those messages are caused by your overclocking.

    Default for GTX 460 is 675 core and 900 memory. Your settings are 815 and 1000. I'd lower it down to 775 core and see if you still get the messages. If you do, then lower it by 5MHz at a time until you don't get them any more.
  3. My GTX460 running at 850/1000 with stock voltage (1.0V) is 100% stable!

    Just Install driver 275.33

    nVidia had blocked OCing after 275.33. :pfff: My next card will definitely from the RED team

    p.s. Use MSI Afterburner to OC your card and test it with 3Dmark11 and Unigine Heaven benchmark thereafter.
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