USB works under any system but not for boot. I tried everything possible from the oustide.

So please do not ask me if some options is activated in the everything, i also tried all BIOS.

I also opened it and tried to unplug/replug the connections, clear CMOS and things like that...

This looks obviously like an hardware problem and i can't get any support from the brand or seller.

Once my external HD was connected and it appeared in boot menu, but never again.. Just thought WTF..

Of course my USB keys (two from different brand) or HDD are bootable, they worked on all other PC around.
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  1. You still won't tell us what system you own, will you? If you know that it's a hardware problem and that it used to boot from USB devices, but it no longer does, then why not replace the motherboard (unless it isn't worth it)?
  2. I don't KNOW it's hardware but i don't know what else it can be with all the things i tried. Replacing the motherboard would probably cost a lot IF I COULD but i can't and yes it doesn't worth it regarding the price i paid for it.

    You think my system has something to do with USB boot which is happening BEFORE anything of the system is loaded? Or maybe i don't get what you mean by system then...
  3. Booting from USB has to happen after POST and before it boots from the hard disk. Is the boot order correct?

    Did it ever boot from USB, i.e., were you at one point or another able to boot from a USB device? Not all laptops boot from USB, particularly when they are several years old.
  4. All these answer are in my first post : Yes the boot order is correct like all the things that could be made in the BIOS, No i could never boot, it just saw my hard drive once and never again, and Yes it can boot for sure since i had confirmation from the dealer & some owners.
  5. Since the dealer certified that it boots fine from USB, then have them fix it.
  6. It's not under warranty so i'd have to pay the shipping first and then the fix that woudl surely make a total that doesn't worth it regarding the price...
  7. Tell us what type of system it is and we may be able to help you better :|
  8. PepperIsNot1337 said:
    Tell us what type of system it is and we may be able to help you better :|
    Goja has been asked to provide more info in another thread and that request was denied.
  9. I never refused :sarcastic: You were just playing making childish jokes with your friends, i thought it was over? I asked you what type of system you wanted to know but you didn't answer. So please do not lie.

    PepperIsNot1337, so, you mean operating system or type of computer? It's a laptop and i use multiple Windows + OSX (Snow) Leopard. It has Core2Duo, SATA drive, etc... all basics of these days...Tell me if you need more.
  10. What we want to know is the make and model number of your laptop and so far you haven't provided that info. Having that info will allow us to verify your claims that it should boot from USB devices and if so, what settings are required to make it work.
  11. You don't need to check that info cause i checked with both distributor who made the test and also the retailer, so YES it should work. You don't believe me or you're playing something?
  12. I'm too old to play games like that. You want help, but you won't provide details on your system; therefore don't expect people to provide much help. People requesting help usually have a totally different behaviour and they provide all info that's required.

    Good luck!
  13. If you're too old to play it, why don't you just believe me? Do you i have to scream it out? It's REALLY annoying. I think i told it enough, if you think i'm a noob and i'm telling it can boot just cause i think so & i didn't check all the info, then ok don't help me.
  14. Problem is you won't get help from other members unless you answer our questions. Like I said, good luck!
  15. So you're really playing a game, you and those members. Because the thing you want to know has already been answered at least 5 times but you don't wanna believe me.

    The funny thing is even with that info you couldn't check by search, you would need to contact the dealer. But you will still not help and act like that.
  16. If it's a laptop that was assembled by a local shop using some unknown components, then there isn't much that we can do to help. If it's assembled by a well known company like HP, Dell, etc. then they can certainly help you with your issue. You want us to help, but we still don't know what BIOS settings are available, what motherboard is used, etc. Your statement "This looks obviously like an hardware problem and i can't get any support from the brand or seller." is somewhat suspicious as you won't tell us who the manufacturer is.
  17. *** ing *** ed. If at least it didn't work under system, it would've been clear and i could return it, but no...
  18. Why do you point that? I'm not having trouble to make a bootable USB key, please read the 1st post. By the way, who censored my last message? How great...
  19. I'm gonna answer again to GhislainG, i hope the dictator won't censor me again. The laptop is neither by famous brand or local shop. Only boot order is avalaible in BIOS, no option to enable or disable things. I tried all possibility. But once again, since the PC doesn't search for USB at start (and any computer with USB boot avalaible do it) that doesn't matter.
  20. i guess you are just stuck with booting from a cd/dvd then. if its not supported then its not going to work,

    if you gave the specific maker and model then someone else out there with the same machine might know how to make it boot from usb, but otherwise, just use a cd.

    the funny part is, most people dont search before making a new post, and in this case its the people giving the answers who cant be bothered doing the searching, sucks to be you...give the information again...
  21. I'm sorry but i do not understand the last part of your message, and yes i searched & did everything i could not like other i only ask for help if it's last option usually. People who have same model are not supposed to be high technician, and i don't think it's common, it's just hardware sickness but i don't know where.
  22. They shoot horses ya know!
  23. [*** ing *** :fou:
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