WD6400AARS too slow

Hello guys,

recently I received this disk as a gift, installed Windows 7 on it and set the AHCI standard.

The drive seems REALLY slow, the loading time to log in into Windows is taking too long, opening the applications is taking tons of time, and if you try to multitask it basicly freezes the whole system for a while.

I have never had disk problems before and I really dont know what could be causing problems, or what can I do to fix this.

Please help!
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  1. Does removing the drive make the problems go away? Can you check and see what DMA mode its in, or check its drive health? Use whatever tools WD has on their site.
  2. Thanks for your relpy.

    Yeah, once I insert another drive it gets fixed.. :(

    It says its on "ultra dma mode 6" ? dma enabled
  3. Adding another drive while leaving it in there fixes the problem? \

    DMA 6 is a good thing. I'm surprised you're having issues with that as the transfer mode. Perhaps when I wake up I'll have another idea.
  4. Yeah, still no luck.. Its the Green series disk from WD, they have some kind of energy saving mode.. :(
  5. What fixes the problem, adding a drive or taking that one out? If taking that drive out fixes the problem, the drive is dying/dead. Replace/return it.
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