Temperature Issues

I am getting a warning from my CPU monitor that the MB temperature is too high. The graphics card is also very high.

CPU: E8400
Graphics: GeForce 9800 GTX+

CPU: 44 C
MB: 47 C
GPU: 65 C !

I've tried lowering the clock setting below default and speeding up fans. Sometimes it works, but today the temperatures are just crazy.

What should those be? I do not know what the target temperatures are, just that it's sending a warning and that GPU temp sounds ridiculous.
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  1. Can anybody help me with it please? Should I post it to the overclocking board?
  2. GPU's are safe up to temperatures around 100C, 65C is well within the safe margin.

    Is it a really hot day where you are because cooling is greatly affected by ambient temperature.
  3. Could there be a problem with your cooling system?
  4. It fluctuates a lot with ambient temperature, yes. Thanks for telling me the target temperatures for GPUs. What should the CPU and MB be?

    The case door is open because I have not finished putting everything together. Does that improve cooling or make it less effective? Is underclocking a good or bad idea?
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