Single card upgrade, or go crossfire?

Hi i'm about to build a computer soon and i wondering what i should do about this one question i had.

I'm planning to buy the ASUS M4A79T Deluxe AM3 motherboard with the AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE.

Right now, should i buy the EVGA GTX 260 core 216 Superclocked edition? And then in the future just get like a GTX 295. Or should i get a ATI 4870 / ATI 4890 now and then in the future just buy another ATI 4870 / ATI 4890 and go crossfire?
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  1. Buy a 4870 now and upgrade to a dx11 card in a couple of months.
  2. or get a 4850 right now depending on what your playing and at what res. but its ur choice because really it takes only about $30 more to get a 4870 instead of a 4850
  3. I say get a 4870 1GB now, and then crossfire latter.
  4. I would just go for a 4870 now and then add another one later on.
  5. Monitor/resolution?
  6. i got a 19'' LG @ 1280x1024

    and do you think Corsair 750w is enough for two 4870's in crossfire?
  7. For that resolution, I wouldn't bother with crossfire. There's no point. Buy a better monitor.
  8. But if i buy a better monitor, the higher the resolution = the less fps?
    And it's tough to fit my $1000 budget.
  9. okay nvm i read online... a bad monitor basically ruins crossfire or sli ...

    What if i bought a 4870 now, and keep my 1280x1024 monitor. Then when i feel its time to upgrade, buy another 4870 and a new monitor? Because by then, monitor prices will be cheaper?
  10. i'd say, get a 4850 to calm down ur gpu hunger and totally replace it with a single gpu 5800 series card later on
  11. Stick with a 4850 or even a 4770 at that resolution. Pointless to go with more than that until you can upgrade to a good monitor. Save your video card difference cash wise towards your monitor fund.
  12. i might go 4870 because its $15 more than the 4850 on newegg lol.

    But just wondering, when the 5800 series from ATI comes out, do you think it will still be PCI-E 2.0 ?
  13. Okay, so assuming my resolution is 1920x1080

    What should i do now? Should i either:

    Buy a single 4850 or 4870 now, and then upgrade to a single 5800 series card


    Buy a single 4890 now, then buy another 4890 to go crossfire later?

    And my previous question still stands, when the 5800 series comes out, will the slots still be PCI-E 2.0 ?

    And is it true that crossfire can be a really big headache or hassle sometimes?
  14. yes they will be pci-e 2. even if they werent, they'd be backwards compatible
  15. oh okay cool. What about my other questions? >.>
  16. 1. Umm if u can afford a 4890 now, i guess u can get one now and xfire it later
    2. (already answered above)
    3. Yes crossfire and sli can be annoying sometimes, but those headaches are slowly going away and i personally think the advantages of dual-gpu's is worth it
  17. oh okay thanks a lot !
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