GTX 260 Problem Help Needed!

Hello, just put together a new computer and tried turning it on for the first time. The sounds of all the fans and HDD starting came on, but there was 'No Signal' on the monitor (tried it on two different ones). After looking, the 260's fans weren't spinning at all. On the other hand, I heard no beeps at all when booting.

So to recap, GTX doesn't seem to be turning on, even though it will get warm if I leave the computer to run. Also, the monitor never receives any signal, and there are no BIOS beeps.

What is happening?? Please help!!

My system:
i7 920
Asus p6t mobo
EVGA GTX 260 core 216
750W Corsair PSU
6GB ddr3 RAM
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  1. only guess i have would be to double check if the 6-pin power cables are secure
  2. checked em like crazy. could it be a dead card?
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