BSOD - Vista BCCode 124 - Why?

Re-posting, because the issue has returned... or perhaps it never really went away.

I've got a BSOD issue in Vista 32-bit that I can't figure out. The BCCode is 124, Windows Debug Tools says it's caused by hardware. The crash seems to happen under CPU and/or video card load, but I have no idea which it is or what to start replacing. I don't want to go build a new system when I can just replace the faulty component, but I have no idea which component is failing.

Since first getting the error, I have replaced both the power supply and the video card, yet the error still happens.

My system is self-built, around a year and a half old:
450W Power Supply - Just upgraded
Intel DP35DP Motherboard
Intel Core2 E6850
GeForce 275 - Just upgraded
2 500MB hard drives (1 Maxtor, 1 Seagate)

The weird thing is, I built two of these systems, same mainboard, same memory, same components (not counting the recently upgraded PSU and GPU, which apparently hasn't fixed the problem). The other system runs fine and has never gone blue, which makes it seem to me like it's not a driver issue.

Is there any way to determine exactly what is failing and why from the crash log, other than "hardware"?
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  1. Just because it happens when your CPU/GFX card is under load doesnt mean its those 2 things. When BSODs happen, your RAM is the first thing to look at.
    Download Memtest, burn it to a CD and run the test (to do this you'll need to reboot the pc, go into bios and set the disk drive to boot order 1, so the test runs before windows starts).

    Run about 2 or 3 passes, if your RAM throws errors (which it shouldnt) then your RAM as at fault. If not, run chkdsk (google it on how to do it) which will check your Hard Drive for errors.

    Run Prime95 Torture test to check for CPU errors (if your CPU is faulty, it wont take long).

    Unsure about the 275, if you have access to another card known to work just fine (not necessarily another 275, just anything nvidia) see if it still blue screens with that card in, if it still does then your card is less likely to be the culprit.

    That PSU looks to be a little low wattage (even if it runs fine), just a thought..

    If you've overclocked anything in your setup, make sure they are clocked down to standard settings during your troubleshooting.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Memtest ran 2 passes, chkdsk ran without errors, CPU ran happy, changing out PSU and video cards doesn't help. Running Intel Desktop Utilities, no alerts before a crash.

    Down to the motherboard, which pretty much means a whole new Vista install, unless there's something else that could be causing this.
  3. Still happening, the problem seems to be getting worse. I really think I've got something heat-related here, as the system will BSOD multiple times in succession after the first if I immediately reboot - if I wait 5-10 minutes, it's fine. However, the Intel Desktop Utilities hardware monitor never raises heat or voltage alerts.

    This error 124 is just obtuse - is there absolutely no way to tell which component is failing? Is there better error reporting in Windows 7, so would upgrading to the beta help my situation here?
  4. Yeah my g/fs laptop started doing this when upgraded her from vista to 7. She says that the laptop gets really hot, and then shuts off. Ive pretty much ran through all the standard test: memory, cpu, and HD, and everything checks out, which i knew it would bc the laptop is only abt a year old. Its almost like the fan is not even running. Ive been looking online, and from what I've read windows 7 drivers are just not where they need to be. I have read/had wireless driver issues almost always with 7, and overall just heating issues. Its almost like the drivers aren't communicating correctly with the board. She is going to be downgrading back Vista -_- she doesn't like xp lol (i know i know just don't even ask) Yeah imo 7 is great, but just not enough support out for the dedicated drivers at this present time. My solution would be to throw xp on there, and see if your getting the same errors. If that doesn't work try flashing your BIOS (if you have never done this plzz research, bc if you mess up flahsing ur BIOS ur system is done). Hope this helps
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