Need answer quick: ati 4650 1gb ddr 2 or gddr 3 512mb

ati 4650 1gb ddr 2 or gddr 3 512mb?
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  1. GDDR3 512mb
  2. thanks you

    but does it use more power?
  3. i doubt it uses much more
  4. Assuming the core speeds are the same, the DDR3 card would use less. You have less ram, and DDR3 uses a lower voltage then DDR2.
  5. Chose ddr3 over ddr2 any day.
  6. GDDR3... GDDR2 is like a horse and carriage verses the GDDR3 automobile
  7. GDDR3 as the ram is clocked faster. With the narrow 128-bit bus it makes a difference.
  8. A Sapphire Radeon HD 4650 512MB GDDR3 is coming :D
  9. Why? I would think it couldn't cost much less then the 4670. The extra $5 would be worth it.
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