Motherboard Died - Replacement Needed

While installing my new fans into the system, I believe I may have short circuited the motherboard. Supposedly I had to attach a plastic covering to the case so the mobo doesn't come into contact with the chasis. I guess it wanted to crap out on me today after 3 years of working perfectly.

So now I am in a dilemma. I've had this same setup running, but now I need a new motherboard.

Here's what I have running:

Intel Core 2 duo e6600
2x 1gb ddr2 pc6400 corsair xms ram
evga 680i sli motherboard - RIP :(

Now that I need a new motherboard, should I take this chance to upgrade some other components? Should I buy a motherboard that will run the same setup above?

Everything is running at stock speed. I have no plans on overclocking at the moment, as I am running into some heat problems (hence the installation of new fans).
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  1. First, what are you wearing tommorrow?
  2. Depends. Why are you asking?
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