Can bluray read dvd

can blueray reads cd,dvd,mp3???/
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  1. In most cases - Yes.
    I have 2 blu-ray writers in too desktop computers. They will write to and play Blu-ray, DVDs and CD,
    I have two Blu-ray Rom drives in my two laptops. The both play blu-ray (do NOT write to) and they also play DVDs and can write to DVD-R, +R, +RW and to CD-r and RWs.

    Most stand-alone units mimic the internal computer drives, just more expensive.
    Normally the specs will list all the media that it can play and what media it can write to.
  2. Yes Blu-ray spec allows all to read DVDs and CDs. The contents usually don't matter as long as the PC can read the contents (ie MP3, TXT...).
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