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Will a bluray player work with my display

i have a 19' display thats 1440/900 if i get a br player will it work or do i need a 1080p monitor
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    Have a Blu-ray player in both of my laptops and they play fine at the lower resolution, you just do not get the "high def" that 1050/1080 will provide. BUT the Monitor does need to support HDCP. Other factors need to be verified such as GPU, cpu speed (these are addressed in the link provided below).
    For Monitor: Quote:
    If your monitor is connected digitally (DVI or HDMI), then you will need to ensure your monitor is HDCP compliant as well. Generally, if you monitor has HDMI inputs, it should support HDCP because HDCP is mandatory for HDMI.

    The second requirement for your monitor is the supported resolution. To get the best out of high definition DVD, you need a display that is capable of at least 1920 x 1080 resolution, as this is the native resolution of high definition films. The picture will still look good on monitors that have lower resolutions, but you won't be seeing the full resolution.

    To verify total system is Blu-ray capable, Download and run cyberlink's Blu-ray advisor.
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