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Alright my current setup is 2 EVGA GTX 275's in SLI and 1 9800GT for PhysX. I got the 9800GT for my third display but I haven't gotten my new desk to put the third monitor on so I have 1 display hooked up to the 9800GT and the other hooked up to my GTX 275. The temperatures in idle are GPU 1 (275) 62C, GPU 2 (275) 57C, GPU 3 52C. And when I play games GPU1 goes all the way up to 90C, I was bugging out. Before I installed the 9800GT today my temps were normal, at max it would get to 75C. Is it because my power supply isn't strong enough? It's a 750 Watt PSU , could it be that there's not enough room between all the graphic cards that there's poor venting? I have a coolermaster HAF 932 with plenty of air flow for the beast. I didn't overclock anything. I installed the latest drivers also. My specs are Intel Core 2 Quad 3.15, 8GB ddr2, windows 7 rc, HT Striker Omega sound card, plenty of fans, 500GB harddrive. Any help would be appreciated
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  1. Never mind I figured the reason out. It's because I was playing Cryostatis at max settings and that game has a lot of textures and physics involved so my cards were put to the test with this game. In cod4 and l4d they are normal temp
  2. Yea, it really depends on your mobo layout, as I believe the 275s dont expel all the air out the back, but some goes back into the case, and maybe 1 card is blowing on the other a lil
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