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I just put my old laptop hard drive in an external case and was wondering if it would be ok to delete windows vista of of it. iam not using the os on that hard drive so why would i need it. all i wanted was the programs i had instaled before i broke my laptop screen. If i can take it out it would open a lot of room on the drive. last how should i do it?
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  1. Your question is in essence "should I delete an operating system I no longer use". Sounds like a no-brainer to me. To delete it the absolute best way is to BACKUP all of your files except the operating system on another hard drive, then format the laptop one completely. Then put the files back on it. If you just delete the windows folder you're still going to have a ghost operating system on it (you won't delete the boot sector for example, which can cause huge problems and possibly unexpected data loss).
  2. how would i back up the flies with out backing up the os and whats the best way to format the drive after words
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    1. Plug your laptop HDD into your desktop or whatever
    2. Copy all your files that you want to keep from your laptop HDD to your desktop HDD
    3. Use the Windows Format Utility (right click on the laptop HDD in the explorer and select format) - make sure all your files are backed up and select "full format"
    4. wait till the format finishes
    5. copy all the files you backed up from your desktop hard drive to the laptop HDD
    6. enjoy
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