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I have an Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT video Card installed on my computer, and every time I shut down my computer and shut off the back power switch (to add memory, clear CMOS etc.) it boots up and freezes at the windows 7 splash screen.

It won't boot into safe mode or any of the other F8 options

the only way I can fix it is to plug into my onbord video card and boot from that.

After that I can use the Nvidia Graphics card and it will work fine till I shut it down and then try to turn it back on

Note: It boots fine if I do a restart from within windows.
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  1. Hmm, go into the bios and see if you can disable the onboard video. Or you can probably do it from the device manager. It sounds like it finds the card as long as your working within windows and as long as windows is controlling your booting, etc, but that if you have a crash or something, it may be trying to default to your onboard graphics.
  2. i've tried disabling the onboard video in the bios but I can't figure out how.

    my AMI BIOS does not use common english
  3. Like I said, you should be able to just do it from device manager within windows as well, and see if that helps.
  4. Can I disable it from the device manager while I am using the Nvidia card or do I have to use the onboard card, disable the onboard card from device manager, and then shutdown and re-connect to my Nvidia?
  5. I know this sounds silly: Does the onboard clock keep time? Check it, because it runs off the same battery that powers the CMOS chip which holds your BIOS data when the PC is turned off.
    Perhaps the battery is just on its way out, causing the system to forget its settings when you turn it off!
  6. That's a good thought, but the on-board clock does keep time, and it's a very new motherboard, so I don't think that the battery would be going out yet.

    I'm actually starting to think that it's a deeper issue than just a video card conflict, because it won't even boot into safe mode.
  7. I finally figured it out.

    The heatsink fan was not running for some reason causing the cpu to overheat and force my computer to shut down randomly and have trouble booting.

    I was going in the complete wrong direction.

    Got the fan running with a pencil (lol) and now it boots (and runs) fine!!!
    :D :sol:
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