AMD 550...the 100$ quad

So im simply going to just repost from another site that unfortunately couldn't help me out despite the users who where unlocking 550's....and after not being able to register at and participate in this thread

For help iv come here to see if any insight can be given...thanks

1. What is this PC going to be built for?

Quad core..

2. What is YOUR budget?

I would like to stick with the 550 as to save some cash but i can spend 300$ on CPU+MOBO+Ram and if i have cash left over il grab an HDD or maybe a new case...

3. If YOU have any unreasonable brand preferences?

Its common knowledge AMD is price vs performance mobo has to be able to unlock cores on the Phenom II' SLI or Xfire preferred...please list multiple boards that are able to unlock and there pros and cons on a short list

I was hoping to go with the 550..yet the 720be is at this point only a few bucks more...possibility that the 550's are just locked 955's so to get cpu's out into the market though is a good chance....damn this pot luck line up

4. Have YOU performed any research yet?

Yes....drooling over 550 unlocking threads...just unsure on the best board

For reference here is the thread

5. If YOU intend on using any of YOUR current parts?

260 GTX/550vx Corsair/500GB WD...only need RAM+MOBO+CPU

6. If YOU plan on overclocking?

Overclocking and core unlocking yes...

7. When do you plan to build it?

This week...

8. Do you have a fry's or microcenter nearby? newegg is fine...really if there is a store where im more likely to get a good 4th core batch 550 please list it...a few bucks more isn't bad... mainly i need input on what ram to go for...DDR3 of course and 4GB's of course...the best core unlocking mobo and where to get the 550 or 720 from...or i could go with a cheaper mobo then the 100+$ core unlockers...and the cash saved could get me a 940BE...damn so many choices very tech educated on amds offerings...but the amount of options and combinations at my disposal are causing my head to spin..

Any input or comments/ideas are very welcome...if all else fails i can move this 550 down to another system and buy a cheap mobo to go with it....then use the good core unlocking mobo and buy a quad core ...really im just stating that i have a fail safe option if god pisses on my 550...
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  1. the biostar TA790GX A3+ would be your best quality/price bet for a core unlocking mobo.
  2. Yeah iv been looking it as well as the Gigabyte motherboard you think the Biostar is better to go with vs the Gigabyte? there is a 10$ difference so if the Gigabyte has a few better features etc it seems like it would be the better buy possibly

    I'm not sure which exact new Gigabyte board does it as well but the 550 has around 5 new reviews and one of those users is running it...DAMN im so excited...i think il probably go with the biostar....just need a few $ more for the ram and im buying...

    What do you think about getting an open box model? its a few bucks less?
  3. I think the gigabyte has the ACC fix but the biostar doesn't.
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