Prime95 Error and 3b BSOD

Hey all, I got an error from one of the workers while running Prime95.
What could this mean?

Asus P7H55-M
I5-760 @ 3.5Ghz /Kingston 1333Mhz @ 1336Mhz Ram @ 1.515V
Seasonic SS-500ET

Vcore: 1.225
IMC: 1.15

And also what does BSOD 3b indicates?

Thanks :)
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  1. The three most likely causes then are:
    1. Bad RAM
    2. CPU/RAM/Motherboard problem oc
    3. Power supply
    Also viruses or driver party
    can cause problem
    - try check your ram with memtest
    - use soft registry cleaner
    - drop your oc
    or go default clear cmos will better
  2. im thinking its the ram..could be the voltage...i have mine at 1.65 volts...sometimes if it's to low it freezes my computer...
  3. Thanks, I'm thinking it might be my motherboard's fault
    I reverted back to stock and it's running perfectly fine on stress tests.
    I ran Memtest throughout the night and there were no errors and the Ram should be able to run @ that speed since I left the timings to auto

    Maybe It's because my Ram modules have different capacities? Using 4GB + 2GB Atm
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