Using plasma tv as a monitor to my mac powerbook G4

hi, I am looking to buy 40-50 inch plasma tv and wondering if and what I need to get to work with my mac powerbook g4. any ideas???
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  1. Well most TVs nowadays have DVI and VGA ports, which work with whatever Powerbook G4 you're talking about (be specific!). Just make sure the TV you're getting has support for whatever video-out your G4 has.
  2. it is a laptop computer (mac) video out is the S-video? thanks for taking the time to answer r manic. Much appreciated. have a great day! :)
  3. also does anyone know anything about the wireless connector to connect the laptop to the plasma tv???
  4. Not to be nudge or anything, but you do know that plasma's suffer heavily from still image burn-in and whereout? If you keep a computer on it, its going to show a still image (one thats not moving, in a movie, al the pixels constantly move/change color...etc), very very soon, especially plasma will where out from it and you will eventaully your image will fade away, since all the gas bubbles are fried and worn out. I would recommend a LCD or a DLP, they are the only two TV's on the market that are not afraid of still image burn-ins.
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