I want to switch display drivers but dont know how

Hello, i gotta

Intel Pentium D 3.4Ghz x2
4gb RAM

and i have an Intel Q965 Q963 Express Chipset Family but i want to install my NVIDIA driver. An error with a message saying "This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware"

Any help?
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  1. It's obvious, you don't have an Nividia graphics card.
  2. How do i switch it...that was my question if u read it right.
  3. Well, let's see. English is my second language. I was born into a family with parents that spoke both English and Spanish, dominated by Spanish. It wasn't until high school that I really got into English to a useable level.

    I do read your question, in English, as:

    I want to switch display drivers but dont know how

    Do you read your own post right? It says "drivers".

    A driver is software (computer code). It is needed to operate hardware. Hardware is the card itself, software runs that card as integrated into an operating system and applications.

    Changing a driver, to use hardware that does not exist, will accomplish nothing.

    If you choose to install/change drivers for a card not connected to your computer, then don't complain when it doesn't work as expected.

  4. Alright i didnt understand any part of WHY i couldn't. Now i do. I had no idea about the way they actually work.

    Thats actually cool. Thanks.
    But now back to my old question, I want to SWITCH display drivers, but have no idea.
    And i really dont trust YouTube for info.

    I really dont know wtf i am doing on forums either. Ive got no history of tech experience. I can navigate through most of my *** but honestly know nothing about hardware or its guts as i call it... All i do on my computer is make music. And i tried to play a game, but it says ive got no shader models at all. Or something around that line. But ive got a fast enough computer, just not the visuals.

    My bad for being a dick too.
    I was just mad.
  5. mrnosleep said:

    My bad for being a dick too.
    I was just mad.

    It happens to the worst of us. [:tigsounds]

    If you have a desktop computer you need to see what type slots you have available for installing a better video card. No sense buying one and then not have a place to plug it in.

    They come in a few flavors now, AGP (old stuff), PCI, and PCIe.

    If it's a laptop, you're stuck with what you've got.

    If you don't know the slots you have (if desktop), supply make & model and someone will let you know what the possibilities are.
  6. HP® DC7600 Desktop PC

    I bought it off of ebay. Thats (im almost positive) the same comp as mine.
  7. Thanks too, i appreciate it! :)
  8. Your computer has two PCI slots, one PCI Express x16 slot, one PCI Express x1 slot.

    The PCIe x16 slot means you can add just about any of the newest video cards made... Except you don't have enough power supply capacity. :(

    I found data that indicates your computer has a 365 watt power supply. There are video cards out there now that use that much, just for the video.

    You'll need to see if you have physical room for a much larger capacity power supply before going out and buying a new video card. It would be a rare find to get one that you could use use with such little power available for the computer to use and a more powerful video card too. :(

  9. Hmmm, alright maybe i can buy a bigger badder power supply. The only problem with that is i have no idea what the power supply IS


    I want more juice for this baby too. I really do. Im willing to throw some cash into my computer and get it going to some higher standards. Would you have any suggestions?

    Again thanks for taking the time for this thread. I truly appreciate it.
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