I7 960 - antec kuhler 620

Hello All,

This has been driving me mad. I've been reading around and i've come accross others with the same cooling system as the one i had just purchased and they are getting much cooler temps.

my rig is as follows:

case: cooler master sgc2000 w/ 3 120mm fans
i7-960 - stock speed
antec kuhler 620 - w/ antec formula 7 thermal compound
overclocked evga gtx460

right now im idling at the following :
core 0 : 37c
core 1 : 37c
core 2: 36c
core 3: 34c

(ive read others were getting temps in the lower 30's )

now with a stress test w/ prime95 with a duration of 10 min i get the following temps.

core 0 : 62
core 1 : 65
core 2: 59
core 3: 60
but one thing i did notice was that at around the 10 minute mark, all 4 temps seem to be hovering around 58-60.

call me immature, but i get a bit jealous hearing others with this same cooler not even breaking passed 45c.
the whole point of this cooler was to overclock. based on these reports, would i be able to safely overclock my pc ?
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    Yes these temps are safe to OC, now you must remember that people love to blow smoke. I somehow doubt thatan i7 960 on air cool (the same setup as you even) could achieve 45C.
    Here something that might convince you that I'm right. It's a few threads I gathered after a quick google search.

    And to overclock, from my experience, as long as you stay within 90C it's acceptable. I usually thrive to get lower than 75C for longevity purposes, but I always WC which gives me a lot more to work with.
  2. thanks for the insight... that makes me feel better. haha.
  3. No problem, I'm just tired of people exaggerating and spoofing everything up. I actually joined this forum because people here are actually descent, for the most part. Even though most people mean well, a lot of kids get sucked in the "hype" or the new tech; always double check if your not sure about something.

    Good luck friend
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