Overclocking the GTX 560

Hey guys, I have purchased an EVGA GTX 560 stock version and I want to overclock it. Before I do this, i would REALLY appreciate it if you could give me some quick tips as to where my overclock should be around for instance could you give me your overclock statistics?

Below, I've heard this is about the highest you can go without voltage tweaking.

810mhz core to 950 mhz
1620mhz shader to 1900 mhz
4008mhz memory to 5000mhz

I would like to know YOUR results -thanks

**Important** this is not the "Ti" version

p.s. how high would the temp and dba be around at full load with the "high overlock" i posted.
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  1. i have the EVGA GTX 560 Ti DS clocked to 950/1900/2450 at 1.037v (slight voltage boost)

    in bfbc2 with full settings (no vsync), i can hit 82C easy at 100% fans.
    Oddly enough, my card gets slower when i clock it higher, even though it's stable...

    I know, my card is the ti version, but my clocks are quite similiar hey?
  2. nice overclock! thanks for ur results. I just kinda wanna get an idea right?
  3. You can use others as a rough idea but every card is different so you'll have to test for yourself. I would use MsiAfterburner and set a fan profile so the fan starts to spool up before 80-85c. a little advice would be to overclock one thing at a time, that way if you crash,freeze,or blue screen you'll know the culprit. Don't just jack up all three and start gaming.
  4. Just remember that in-game, your memory clock is gonna be highest priority (in most cases)

    Clock it as high as you can without getting artifacts, and then start on your core clock.

    Keep in mind that your card may get hotter because mine has the two fan heatsink.

    EDIT: The fans on mine are LOUD! just btw ;D
  5. Mind explaining to me why that is? How the memory clock is highest priority then core clock?
  6. iduhfuse said:
    Mind explaining to me why that is? How the memory clock is highest priority then core clock?

    Purely blind faith in those that came before me. :D :D
    Seriously, experienced peeps tell me memory is the most important clock in game.
    (keep in mind, this will drop your core clock headroom)
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