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I looked, and wasn't sure if this is where I should post it (the Audio forum seems geared more towards actual audio components, and I believe this might be mobo related)...

I have this intermittent problem, where the sound cuts out for a fraction of a second (it's not muting it, it seems to lose the signal for a split second). It seems to happen when connected through SPDIF to my receiver (I haven't had it happen with Headphones connected). I am almost certain it is not my receiver; although almost 8 yrs old, it works great and has never cut out otherwise.

I have a fairly new build with Asus P6T Deluxe V2 mobo (using it for sound), and recently bought an SPDIF cable (25' digital coax) from newegg to connect my computer to my receiver.

Any ideas what is happening?
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  1. Are you listening to Joe Cocker?
  2. roonj said:
    Are you listening to Joe Cocker?

    I don't get it. :??: (no)
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