DDR3 vs. GDDR3

I am pondering a GTX 260 card with GDDR3 memory and a GTX 275 card with DDR 3 memory? Both are 896 cards. Which would be the better card for the i7-920 w/V8 cooler overclocked to 3.66 coupled with the Asus P6T mobo? Looking for 1920x1200 res from a 23" Samsung monitor. 1st person shooter games are the gaming target with some spreadsheet work using Office software. OS will be Vista 64 bit premium.
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  1. lol the ram is the same.... DDR3 on a vidcard is GDD3... 275 would perform better, go with that
    (wow, a lot of people been asking that lately, so far i know there are only 3 variations of ram on vidcards lol, gddr2,gddr3,gddr5.... i think i saw a gddr4 somewhere too)
  2. It's just labelled wrong, both use GDDR3 memory. GTX275 is obviously better than GTX260.
  3. Sorry to reopen an old thread, but given that this is the top google result for ddr3 vs gddr3, I thought I'd better point out that the advice given in the thread is totally wrong.

    DDR3 and GDDR3 are totally different, and both are available on current graphics cards. GDDR3 is much quicker, DDR3 is used to save money.
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