Drivers for motherboard gateway tbgm01

can i inset sli on Gateway FX 6800-01e
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  1. I am confused.
    Are you looking for drivers or are you wondering if you can run more than one GPU?

    Drivers can be found Here.
    Just select your hardware and operation system.

    As you have a second PCIe 16x slot free you are able to CrossFire your 4850, if your 500w PSU can handle two of them that is.

    SLIng two nVidia cards in your system would be a bit of a crap shoot.
    While the x58 chipset does support SLI, it requires a validated BIOS from nVidia to work.
    As this is an OEM motherboard with ATI graphics, it is unlikely they spent the cash to validate the BIOS.
    If you decide to try it, make sure you can get a full refund on both GPU's beforehand...
  2. The FX6800-01e came with the ATI 4850 series video cards.

    There were several different models of this system all of which Gateway (Acer) failed to provide updated drivers for this series and they failed miserably with support.

    Check the serial of the hard drive as it should be a Seagate 750. There's a possibility it may be one of a batch which requires a firmware update. You'll need to go to the support section of the Seagate website to check it out though.

    The power supply of the 6800-01e is a bit under powered for Cross-fire or SLI, so you may want to go with an 850 watt Corsair power supply. Do not get a remanufactured unit as you run the risk of a bad unit.

    This thread may be of some interest to you as it deals specifically with this system and there is a lot of useful information in it.
    Gateway FX 6800-01e BIOS Update from Gateway Unsupported


    Recently Gateway has released a new FX6800 series which I'm not a 100% sure of yet, but looking at the specs and the drivers, it seems that the motherboards may be different. I'd be interested in hearing from someone with one of the newer systems

    The newer systems are

    FX6801-01, FX6801-03, FX6801-05


    FX6830-01 = Core™ i5-750 (this is definitely a different board)

    The 6801-01, 6801-03, 6802-03 & 6830-01 all come with nVidia GeForce GTX video cards.
  3. hello,

    i nead drivers and specifications for gateway TBGM-01 motherboard.

    I have i7 920 procesor, with intel cooler box for socket 1366, but it cant fit on motherboard. any suggestions? :ange:
  4. Drivers and firmware you can find information for in the thread linked above.
    Best to start at least half way through the thread or further.

    As for specifications, Gateway (Aer) has not released any documentation on the motherboard itself.
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