How to dismout raid 5 without lossing data


i have a 4 diks at raid 5, but it is very slow when i am passing information, i was looking over the internet and i found that Raid 5 with WD15EARS it is not the best what we should do, because of that i would like to dismount the raid 5, but without loosing my data.

can you help me ?
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  1. I can help.
    Basically, you need to copy the data onto another media, such as a larger raid, or external media. After that point, you can break up the raid. There isn't away to "dismount" a 4 disk raid 5 without destroying the data.
  2. Hello,

    thanks for your answer, i was thinking, maybe wrong, but here it goes :D

    i have 4 disks raid 5= 4,5Teras , if i dismount only one disk ( raid 5 can be done with 3 disks) i will stay with 3 Teras and one more disk of 1,5 Teras and i would need just one more disk to copy the information.

    Can be done ?
  3. RAID 5 stripes data and parity across all drives. If you lose a drive the array can still function, but there is still no way to tear down a RAID 5 without losing data. You must back up your data somewhere first.
  4. Your best best is to buy two 2 TB hard drives (and maybe a dual HDD enclosure) and duplicate the data over. But since you are in a raid 5, obviously your data is a concern so.. four 2TB drives set up in a 4TB mirror somewhere is your best bet.
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